Disinfection of an apartment from insects

The apartment is always a hotbed of accumulation of various parasites. Mosquitoes, fleas, ants, bugs actively make their way into the premises, where they find comfortable places for reproduction. You can cope with this situation yourself, but do not expect a positive result. Disinfection of an apartment from insects should be carried out only by qualified specialists who have everything necessary – experience, drugs, equipment.
Malicious carriers of infections are removed from the apartment by physical or chemical treatment. Modern active chemicals can penetrate deep into the main foci and places of accumulation of pests, while guaranteeing safety for humans. All kinds of insecticides work to completely eliminate insects to prevent their appearance.
One procedure is enough to forget about the invasion of parasites for six months or a year. All places of accumulation are involved in the work – skirting boards, furniture, bedside tables, washing, free spaces between the refrigerator and the floor. Disinfection involves a comprehensive treatment to prevent the remnants of the colonies.
After the work done, there are no concerns for residents and pets, since all drugs and products are safe and have quality certificates. The company “Dis-man” takes care of its customers, providing them with full sanitation in the apartment.