Disinfection of insects in the office

The workflow of office life should not be disturbed by negative factors. Often the cause of interruption can be the appearance of insects. This “living creature” is activated when the premises have food, water, accumulation of garbage, old paper, packaging. Brought furniture, goods can be infected by direct invasion of the centers. If you underestimate the severity of such an infection, the consequences may not be the most favorable.

In just a few days, a pair of cockroaches, ticks, bugs turn into whole colonies. In this case, management must decide on urgent measures. If a need arises, disinfection from insects in the office should be carried out as soon as possible, therefore we recommend immediately contacting the service “Dis-man” for services. Such comprehensive measures are very popular, since bullying can act as a prophylaxis against insects. Efficiency of the procedure, lack of risk for employees, working conditions remain the main advantages of the service.

Office cockroach disinfection

Black or red cockroaches are the main occupants of office space. They can actively move around cabinets, crawl on shelves, spread throughout the territory. The risk is that arthropods carry diseases. With mass infection, the cause may be precisely the appearance of insects. Disinfection from cockroaches in the office is carried out not only with the use of cold fog, you can also use the usual means in the form of aerosols familiar to all, traps.

But in a couple of days you will have to be upset, as there will be no result. Cold fog steam cleaning is the only pest control solution. Events are held only in the absence of employees. In this case, no one will know that the office was processing. And this will preserve the reputation and prestige of the organization.

Bed disinfection in the office

Bed bugs are the main bloodsuckers that make their way closer to the warm-blooded. Parasites are capable of being in direct contact with humans, as they fall into furniture and clothing. Over time, insects have developed immunity and conventional remedies no longer have a positive effect. Disinfection from bugs in the office is carried out with the use of only strong poisons of the latest developments.

The service disinsection “Dis-man” has experience, qualified personnel, certified products, allows you to engage in this activity. In just a few hours of processing, the office will again become clean, safe. It should be noted that the substances after spraying do not settle on the surface, do not harm humans.