Insect disinfection in apartment buildings

Parasites always strive to live next to a person. Such conditions most favorably affect their population, which can not be said about people. The spread of unwanted living creatures leads to discomfort, the presence of the results of their vital activity, unpleasant odors. And being carriers of serious infections and diseases, parasites can infect a person, cause allergic reactions, raw materials, diseases. Disinfection from insects in apartment buildings with special toxic drugs means forgetting about their existence forever.

New types of treatments allow you to penetrate into the main nesting places, which can be in crevices, cracks, ventilation, garbage chute, basement. In a multi-storey building there are plenty of such centers. Only an experienced specialist is able to quickly determine the main direction of insect harassment. Disinfestation service “Dis-man” uses cold and hot fog based on toxic poisons. These drugs are safe for humans, property, pets.

Cockroach disinfection in apartment buildings

Cockroaches are the most common pests that always live next to a person. The disgusting appearance of insects gives a lot of unpleasant sensations, brings bacteria, microorganisms that cause diseases, poisoning, allergies to the house. Disinfection from cockroaches in apartment buildings should be carried out immediately after the first signs of their stay. They breed very quickly, besides they are very dexterous.

If a set of measures is not timely taken, whole colonies will form over time, and it will be more difficult to remove them. In addition to the main processing by the cold fog generator, the Dis-man pest control machines additionally process the habitats with powders, gels, and traps. This will protect residents from re-infection of the building with pests.

Bedbug disinfection in apartment buildings

Even in conditions of complete sanitation it is impossible to be completely sure that there are no unwanted “guests”. In particular bed bugs. This living creature strikes the most important objects in contact with a person – bed and accessories, clothes. The bloodsuckers quickly find a secluded place and begin to multiply actively. In multi-unit buildings, the conditions for their appearance are especially favorable.

Bedbugs move around all apartments, which leads to massive infection. Underestimating the importance of pest control, people give themselves up to danger. Disinfestation service “Dis-man” provides the possibility of disinfection from bedbugs in apartment buildings using highly effective methods. Toxic substances of a special composition immediately remove all living creatures, regardless of the area of ​​the site.