Insect disinfection in restaurants

Insects can settle even in the coolest restaurant, and no one is safe from this. Very often, the owners of such a business are faced with the problem of the invasion of entire colonies of parasites that make their way into storage facilities, into the visitor hall, into the kitchen. The appearance of arthropods is a direct violation of the conditions of sanitation, they can damage foods, get into food, spread infections and diseases. You should not wait with insects, as this is fraught with serious consequences. Today there are effective and effective methods of struggle that are safe for people and working conditions.

Disinfection from insects in restaurants using cold and hot fog generators will immediately solve the problem. Modern equipment, first-class certified drugs give a unique opportunity to get rid of parasites without consequences for the institution’s operating mode. The procedure is carried out in the evening, or at a convenient time for the client, so that this is not known to the general public.

Restaurant cockroach disinfection

Cockroaches in the food service are a regularity from which there is no escape. Restaurants are constantly faced with the problem of the occurrence of an undesirable “neighborhood” with pests. All conditions for their invasion and reproduction are created here. Pests actively penetrate into the kitchen, in food storage places, garbage. Over time, their number is actively increasing, which may lead to the complete closure of the institution to the sanitary regime. Disinfection from cockroaches in restaurants in our company is carried out with the help of effective means, which can be carried out by professional disinsectors of the Disman service.

For this, the company has the appropriate equipment, qualified staff. Only certified products are used, the dosage of which is determined depending on the level of infection. Spraying toxic substances allows you to penetrate into deep cracks, inaccessible places, nurseries. In just a few hours there will be no smell left from the completed treatment.

Bedbug disinfection in restaurants

To carry out disinfection from bedbugs in restaurants, you need to carefully prepare for the work. For this, the pest controllers give basic recommendations, help prepare the room for processing. If necessary, employees combine the main drugs to get the maximum effect. Dry heat is the most effective way to control pests. Pest control completely disinfects the territory, destroying entire populations. Service delousing “Dis-man” provides a range of services to combat parasites, except for the main activities carried out additional processing centers of pastes, gels. After this, arthropods will no longer appear in the restaurant.