Insect disinfection in stores

Owners of retail facilities must comply with the relevant sanitary standards in their facilities. For this, it is necessary to perform not only periodic processing of the premises, but also respond in a timely manner to arthropods that appear. Insects are able to quickly withdraw the population, harm the workflow, lead to the spread of infections, diseases. Such conditions are the basis for the decision to close the organization. Disinsectors of the Dis-Man service have everything necessary for insect disinfection in stores to be successful.

Modern technologies and preparations of the latest generations clearly give their results, and customers can be sure of the quality of the products. Safety standards, the possibility of using toxic drugs give confidence in the reliability of the procedures performed. Certified chemical components do not leave traces, so the work of the store will not be delayed.

Cockroach disinfection in stores

Cockroaches have become a major threat to business facilities, especially catering. These unwanted guests by their very appearance cause discomfort. And for buyers of such an institution, they can even become a disgusting sight. Cold fog disinfection of cockroaches in stores will be the right and reliable solution.

These insects can appear from neighboring objects, spread due to the presence of food, water. Therefore, the struggle with conventional drugs will not give its results. Arthropods are neutralized in the main places of their residence. Penetrating drugs are able to completely isolate parasites from people and products.

The appearance of cockroaches in the hall, on the window, carries a threat and the destruction of the reputation of the institution. Disinsection service “Disman” is constantly faced with the problem of the appearance of red barbel. They can not only violate sanitary standards, but eat stocks, spoil food, cereals.

Bedbug disinfection in stores

Insects are able to penetrate the most clogged, remote crevices. For them, such places are secluded nests for breeding populations. Often, store owners underestimate the effectiveness of hot air, from which bugs die after the first hours of processing. Disinfection from bedbugs in stores means using only new types of organophosphorus preparations, carbamic acid. These chemical elements do not leave a layer of harmful substances, but only spray throughout the room.

Professional pest controllers are well aware of how important it is to carry out procedures so as not to arouse suspicion among the client.