Insect disinfection service

служба дезинфекции от насекомых служба дезинфекции от тараканов служба дезинфекции от клопов

The appearance of insects in residential or commercial premises brings a lot of negative consequences. People suffer from an unpleasant smell, can contract serious infections, and food is also subject to spoilage. To prevent such processes, you need to process the object urgently. The service of disinfection from insects with the help of various methods carries out rapid and inexpensive disinfection of the territory with all centers.

The work uses traditional methods, as well as more modern techniques, such as a cold fog generator. Disinfection provides for the spread of drugs to all possible places of parasite accumulation, as well as hard-to-reach slits, cracks. The quality of services is at the highest level without possible damage to property and human health.

Cockroach disinfection service

The presence of cockroaches is a frequent phenomenon, especially in apartment buildings. In this environment for life there is everything necessary – heat, water, food. In most cases reproduction is active in spring and summer, during winter they appear rarely. The specialists of the company “Dis-man,” having a lot of experience in pest control, perfectly know where their colonies are.

The cockroach disinfection service works only with new equipment and technologies, which prevents the possible appearance of parasites. Disinfection is carried out in one stage and provides for treatment of the whole room. The maximum effect is to eliminate the problem in just a few hours, and people do not feel any consequences – odors, residues of substances.

Bedbag disinfection service

Blood-sucked insects in the form of bedbugs are particularly dangerous to humans. They are able to penetrate clothes, mattresses, bed linen, which poses a direct threat to man. Population extraction takes place using hot fog generators, which is the optimal option for price and quality. The fact is that pests have already developed immunity to the usual means from which they reproduce even more.

The disinfection service from bedbugs goes to the site and estimates the level of contamination. Specialists know well where the centers of their accumulation are, so first of all they begin to treat hard-to-reach places. The safety of disinfection agents is the possibility of spraying fog on bed, clothes, on which there are no possible substances. A quick and effective service will eliminate the unpleasant finding of bedbugs.

By contacting the company, customers are given the opportunity to quickly and forever forget about such a problem as cockroaches, bedbags and other types of insects.