Harassment of insects in the premises

This procedure, in the short and long term, should be safe for:

  • Residents of a house or apartment – people, pets and plants;
  • Equipment, furniture, utensils and finishing materials in residential and non-residential premises;
  • Food stored there.

Harassment of insects in premises should include the search for possible external sources of contamination. These are usually slits in the walls, floor and ceiling. As well as moves under the foundation, open to overnight homeless animals or people attic/cellars and food businesses in the foreseeable radius. The choice of methods of purification and prevention of “relapses” depends on their presence or absence.

Harassment of cockroaches in the premises

Infection with them is most common. But it concerns only inhabited premises and sites for food waste disposal, because cockroaches and humans have a similar list of edible products. They also have a need for water, so industrial workshops and railway depots are suitable for their reproduction worse than urban landfills, house garbage trucks and kitchens in any apartment. Single etching of cockroaches in the premises is rarely sufficient. Specialists of the company “Dis-man” recommend to use after it:

  • Gel;
  • Paste;
  • Solution;
  • Powder;
  • Traps.

They should be applied and placed away from food storage sites, in areas inaccessible to children and pets. Agents with chlorpyrifos, fipronil, hydromethylnone will be suitable.

Harassment of bedbugs in the premises

The main “dish” for these parasites is all warm-blooded – people, animals, feathers. Accordingly, their nests can be found in beds, a bow for a dog or cat, a bird cage. Chilling of bedbugs in rooms is used less frequently at high temperature. It is relevant in repeated infections indicating the presence of an external source of bedbugs (bird nests in the attic or stray animals). They are very good drugs based on:

  • Tsipermetrina;
  • λ-tsigalotrina;
  • δ-metrina.

But the class of pyrethroids to which they belong has been applied for a long time, and there have already been cases of insensitivity to them in the colony. In such cases, Dis-man service disinfectors use carbamic acid derivatives, neonicotinoids, as well as phosphorus organics.