Insect disinfection in the house

Residents of private homes are often faced with the problem of the appearance of insects in their housing. It is impossible to deal with a large number and the whole population of these parasites on their own. The result of such measures may be their temporary destruction or only parts. Using the usual types of drugs can harm pets, flowers, cause harm to their own health. Disinfection from insects in the house by treating cold fog is a more effective and safe way.

Having specialized equipment, the employees of the Dis-man service carry out a set of measures to destroy and harass cockroaches and bugs. Before carrying out the necessary treatment, one should properly prepare, hide food, thoroughly wash the floors, furniture.

Disinfection against cockroaches in the house

These small red “guests” can appear in every house, no one is safe from their appearance. The most common pests and carriers of infection are dangerous to people and housing. The peculiarity of insects lies in their fertility, agility, resistance to various preparations for their elimination. Our “ancestors” have already accustomed insects to the basic composition of ordinary substances that have become ineffective.

Arthropods can be fully removed only by special treatment. Disinfection from cockroaches in the house, taking into account the peculiarities of these parasites, can only be done by specialists. Disinfectants “Dis-man” use poisons of the latest generation, which the colonies will not resist. Depending on the type and number of cockroaches, a mixture is selected, dosage. The persecution was aimed at all places of localization of insects – cracks, crevices, plinths, cornices, etc. The foci are additionally treated with powders, gels, pastes, so that in the future they do not appear again.

Disinfection from bed bugs in the house

Bed bugs are the main parasites of private homes. The “living creatures” of this species in a special way chose sleeping places, bedding, human clothes. Cozyly hiding in hard-to-reach places, they make impossible effective persecution with common means of control.

Disinfection from bedbugs in the house is safe and reliable only with the help of developed poisons that penetrate into the wallpaper, mattress, bed frame seams, clothes. In this case, do not worry about your life – for a person, drugs are not dangerous. Disinsectoral Dis-man use high heat treatment technology that penetrates potential habitats.

Turning to a specialized service, customers receive:

  • Modern methods of struggle;
  • Full processing of the whole house;
  • Implementation of measures to prevent subsequent reproduction of parasites;
  • Reasonable prices for bullying services.