Insect disinfection in warehouses

Warehouses – a large space and a favorable environment for the reproduction of insects. Such pests feel comfortable, have everything necessary for life and population. The number of such animals increases every day, which leads to complete unsanitary conditions. Considering that warehouses are the main place of storage of products, grain, containers and other products, such conditions are unacceptable. To carry out disinfection from insects in warehouses – this means to secure products, which determines the profitability of the organization.

Living on the territory, cockroaches, rodents, bugs leave excrement, create an unpleasant smell, the site becomes dirty and terrible. In order to render a building harmless from a pest invasion, it is necessary to apply only new ultra-efficient methods – cold and hot fog. This technology is capable of combating massive insect colonies on a large-scale territory.

Cockroach disinfection in warehouses

Agree that the problem of the appearance of cockroaches is an eternal struggle between a man and red barbel. They already have an innate resistance to poisons and drugs that are on store shelves. Fertility of parasites exceeds all borders. Disinfectors “Disman” after a thorough study of the object determine the necessary processing method.

Disinfection from cockroaches in warehouses is possible only with poisons of the last generation, against which they have not yet developed immunity. Preventive measures will prevent such negative phenomena, eliminate possible infection, and secure products. In addition, such tools are absolutely harmless to people who work at the facility, and for raw materials. In order to prevent a serious threat of the appearance of cockroaches in large numbers, it is better to immediately etch them with professional equipment.

Disinfection from bedbugs in warehouses

Such “living creature” appears in houses, apartments, but is also dangerous in a warehouse. Attempts to get rid of pests will result in disappointment and a waste of money. Disinfection from bedbugs in warehouses is possible with hot steam using a generator. The presence of containers, raw materials, clothing, human presence in the territory become a potential habitat for bugs.

Disinfestation service “Disman” is able to prevent a new invasion, from which no one is safe. The sites are large, so the processing is carried out in an integrated approach. It is necessary to cover all possible foci, and after the main method of bullying, perform additional ones. This can be the application of a special gel, paste or powder. Used toxic agents are dangerous only for parasites.